SBS Unveils New E-Commerce Hub

Today’s Frankfurt Fair Dealer (print only) reports that SBS Worldwide has unveiled it’s new electronic Distribution Centre (eDC), “a faster, cheaper and easier way to ship books from printers to customers.”

eDC_white“We wanted to offer our publishing customers the speed, cost-effectiveness and visibility that is available in other industries… to integrate supply chain capabilities with total web-based visibility to the ISBN level.

Many people took the decision to shift their printing to Asia to reduce costs, but did not then take the next logical step of reorganising the complete supply chain.”

–Steve Walker, Chairman, SBS

SBS Worldwide, the Supporting Sponsor for Digital Book World, has been an integral part of the publishing industry’s supply chain for 26 years as the driving force behind freight management. In the past decade, SBS has enhanced its capabilities to meet the ever changing needs of the industry with a range of new products and services, and are excited to be launching their new software, eDC, that could alter the traditional shipping model to bring books to market quicker and cheaper, all via the web.

Digital Book World will be held January 26-27, 2010 at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers in New York City, offering practical plans for realizing revenues tomorrow, and beyond, for executive management, acquisition editors, sales professionals, marketing managers and agents.

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Register Today!


  1. Paper books time have passed 🙂

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