The Truth About eBooks: Slides

Yesterday’s webinar, The Truth About eBooks: Devices, Formats, Pirates (Oh, My!), included informative, insightful presentations from Samir Kakar, CTO, Aptara and Joshua Tallent, Owner, eBook Architects, and they’ve both agreed to let us share them with a wider audience via SlideShare.

Kirk Biglione, Oxford Media Works, moderated a brief Q&A session after their presentations, and we also had some attendees live-tweeting the session, with some of the highlights including:

#dbw Kakar shows alphabet soup of ebook formats; notes challenges of formatting, charts, consumer expectations: multi-media, interactivity.

RT @slipdown: “Soon all ebook formats will move toward a standard” Really? Sounds like wishful thinking to me. #dbw

#dbw Kakar: “XML to EPUB is much easier because you’re not dealing with content inconsistencies… But QA must be done for every device.”

#dbw Kakar: “XML-first workflow is a must. Automation in digital workflow is critical.”

#dbw Tallent: “ePub is a good format, but it is not perfect. No automated conversion process is publishing-quality.”

#dbw RT @libraryhead: @jtallent DRM is not helpful for the long-term growth of the eBook industry (Kakar agrees.)

RT @EileenPaulin: My take on @jtallent #dbw Inconsistencies in ebook conversions guarantees job security for proofreaders.

RT @libraryhead: XML-first means massive retraining for production editors #dbw (New skill set needed; ambition helps, too.)

RT @jtallent LOL, of course developer will tout need for his services. However, most pubs are not able to do quality eBooks in-house #dbw

Search the #dbw hashtag on Twitter for more tweets about the webinar.

Registration is now open for Digital Book World 2010, an innovative new publishing conference that addresses the necessary changes in business processes, marketing strategies and technological resources that are being driven by changes in consumers’ reading and buying habits.

eBooks: Opportunity or Threat? is the underlying theme of the series of sessions focusing on the “fiendishly complicated” and increasingly popular format, covering everything from pricing to optimizing the experience of reading on screen. Among the confirmed speakers for the event are Peter Balis, Director of Digital Content Sales for Wiley; Vook Founder and CEO Brad Inman; and writer Kassia Krozser of BookSquare.

NOTE: The Slideshare presentation includes a special discount code for registrants.

Register Today!

Register Today!


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